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  What is a Design Sprint, Revisited.

What is a design sprint?

- Short, cheap, and fast paced

A fast-paced and clever way to introduce the human-centric power of design into low budget projects.

- Test ideas and solutions

Quick and cheap testing gets the answers you need to change and improve the solution.

- Results instead of research

A real project from beginning to end. The team is not only after insights; it’s after results as well.

- Create, improve, or pivot

Good for creating from scratch, improving, and pivoting solutions.

Why run a design sprint?

- Deep connection with customers

To create offers loved by and relevant to users instead of wasting resources on creating offers disconnected from their wants and needs.

- Improve faster and cheaper

To improve an offer by finding and fixing user experience issues that may jeopardize the entire business.

- Co-create solutions with customers

To anticipate problems and discover solutions by working together with users instead of only using them as test baits for pre-framed “founders only” hypothesis.

- Nourish and entrepreneurial culture

To nourish an entrepreneurial culture by empowering employees to plan, execute, and manage fast-paced, low-cost interventions.