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The Design Sprint School
The Design Sprint School

We are a skill-building academy. We specialize in Design Thinking education and empowerment, with which our founders have over 20 years of experience, many books published and thousands of graduate students worldwide. This means we are not here to sell you on our practice or on how smart we are. We are here to guide and equip you so that you can build your own design practice.
We pledge to educate Design Sprint Masters, and this means acquiring skills and knowledge that go beyond workshop facilitation.

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The toolbox: Unleash the power of Design Sprints
Here you will find tools, agendas and practices to super-charge your Design Sprints.
The Design Sprint School
The Library: Content to help you set up shop and dazzle clients.
Constantly updated content, comments, insights and references about all things related to Design Sprints.
The Design Sprint School

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